About Us

Gary Gerald joined Marin Group in 1999 and acquired a majority stake in 2001, becoming President and CEO. He opened the Charleston, South Carolina, office in 2015. Gary’s primary role is Portfolio Manager, and he also is involved in client consultations and financial planning.

He graduated from The College of William and Mary in Virginia with a concentration in finance. His interest in portfolio management began while apprenticing for Wheat First Securities. During the 1987 crash, Gary gained valuable insight into how clients perceive risk, and how emotion drives financial decisions.

He worked with Merrill Lynch in Atlanta from 1992 to 1999, quickly earning the title of Senior Financial Consultant. The raging bull market during this period revealed additional insight into the effect of greed on investors’ emotions.

Managing portfolios through extreme highs and lows produced “Cycle Investing” – Marin Group’s proprietary investment management process. Cycle Investing has helped Marin successfully navigate the past two bear markets and the current bull market. 

Gary lives with his spouse and two pets on the James Island marsh in South Carolina. He is an avid golfer and also enjoys surfing, running, and playing his trumpet.

Dianne Martin serves as Chief Compliance Officer for Marin Group and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). She manages Marin’s Atlanta office where she creates and develops financial plans, and is actively involved in money management.

Her interest in financial management began in college, where she initially planned to become a CPA. After taking one finance class, Dianne switched her major. In addition to her finance degree, she holds a Master of Arts in psychology, an MBA, and CFP® board certification.

She was working for a mutual fund company during “Black Monday” – the largest one-day market crash in history. It was an awakening for Dianne and a lesson in how quickly money can be lost when you panic or sell due to fear.

Dianne feels extremely fortunate to share her financial expertise and Marin’s investing philosophy with so many wonderful, long-term clients.

She and her spouse recently bought a vacation home in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where they plan to retire one day with their cats and dogs. Dianne also enjoys playing bridge, running, and attending the symphony and local theater.