Cycle Investing

While working at a large, corporate brokerage house, Gary Gerald and Armin Maier realized there was a better way to help people invest money and achieve their financial goals. In 1997, Marin Group was founded on that principle.

They felt strongly that technology and other dynamic forces offered new, improved ways to help investors. Gary and Armin also knew they could bring a more personal approach to the client experience, using their knowledge and experience to turn ideas into action. 

In 2001, Gary acquired the majority stake in the company and Armin left the business. Dianne Martin joined Marin Group in 2008, and she and Gary work together as a money management team. 

Gary’s proprietary “Cycle Investing” model incorporates methodology from the best minds in the business. It combines quantitative analysis and perceived company valuation based on the economic cycle with algorithms Gary develops exclusively for Marin Group. 

Financial Planning

When Dianne Martin first entered the Atlanta financial arena in 1986, the industry was dramatically different from today. While working for a mutual fund company that prioritized sales goals over customers, she knew there could be a better way. 

Dianne paused her financial career, acquiring a Master’s in Psychology and an MBA. In 2003 she joined Cornerstone Financial and soon became a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®). With her move to Marin Group, she found the ideal, client-first environment. 

Dianne brings clear, realistic perspective to her clients’ financial goals. She draws on her background in psychology to understand each client individually, and help plan for the specific life s/he wants. 

As our clients’ portfolios grow, so does Marin Group. Because customer service is our top priority, almost all new business is based on referrals. Our clients know we will always value the quality of our relationships over the number of accounts we acquire.