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Marin Group
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July 2022

The markets continue their corrective behavior as forecast but there are some warning signs pointing to a possible deeper decline than we first thought.  This in no way changes our long-term forecast of a bull market that will be more powerful than most alive have seen, it may just mean we begin this next stage from a lower level.  While certain indicators our research partners follow are nearing levels where past market bottoms have occurred, others are not there yet.  Our investment process, culling out stocks that violate levels that should have been supported and holding ones that stay in trend, does not change.  Our process does not try and “time the market,” which presumes one knows the exact time to get fully in or out of the market, we move money where the market shows us leadership at a reasonable price.  Sometimes the market says the most prudent action is to wait, and that is, for the short term, what we think it is saying now.

It is easy to take one’s “eye off the ball” when actively managing portfolios by listening to the current news and acting out of a response to what is happening, and disregarding tried and true methods that have navigated through the toughest times.  We do not operate this way.  There are two ways for our indicators to get into a position that indicates a low has been formed – Either churn gradually lower and frustrate people to a point where most investors give up or drop in a fashion that creates a panic exit (sell).  At this point we do not know which will happen, but we will be ready to act based on our research when the time comes.  We believe the market could bottom around the lower end of our forecasted range at Dow 28,500 if the former scenario takes place and Dow 25,000 may be the level prices need to go to if the latter scenario takes place.

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Gary and Dianne


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