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October 2021

We are well into the correction we talked about in our last commentary. To reiterate – we believe this is only a correction in an otherwise strong, long-term bull market and we will bottom sometime in October and usher in the most powerful move seen yet.  Corrections are inevitable and even healthy.  They usually represent some sort of change in leadership sector(s) so we may be adjusting portfolios during this time.  We believe the correction could take the indexes down between 10%-15%, or to between 29,000-31,000 on the Dow Industrials.

From a portfolio management perspective, there is only one reason to buy a stock, but there are many reasons one might sell.  Selling a position is the trickiest part of investing in stocks.  In the late 1990’s, the prevailing wisdom was to never sell.  The biggest companies like GE and WorldCom could never go down so why worry about selling?  WorldCom went bankrupt and GE was trading at $455 (after a reverse split) in the year 2000 and is now selling at $105. The adage is “Never fall in love with a stock.”  We look at a lot of indicators to decide whether to sell and it may or may not be that we believe the stock will go down appreciably.  We are always looking for the best place to put your money now, which means we want to stay with the leaders that are increasing their earnings growth the fastest, in the present cycle of economy.  Of course, there are capital gains taxes involved in this decision, but our average hold period of about 15 months means we will likely pay the least amount possible.  Our investment strategy called “Cycle Investing” was born from this philosophy.

Gary and Dianne


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