Why hire a professional financial planner / investment advisor?

To reduce your investment risk while improving performance, net after costs. That’s what Marin Group does for our clients.

How do you define your role?

A financial planner is a professional Investment advisor who administers and directs your portfolio in the same manner you would if you had the required time, information, and experience. This should include a comprehensive financial plan – a “roadmap” for your future.

How does Marin Group know what’s right for me?

We’re good listeners. As part of our due diligence, we spend time reviewing your goals and assessing your attitude toward risk. Based on your personal profile, we develop an investment strategy tailored to your needs.

Does Marin Group receive a commission on my investments and trading activity?

No. We are fee-only advisors, receiving no commissions or any other compensation than our stated management fee. This structure allows us to act entirely on your behalf without bias.

How do financial planners differ from stockbrokers?

Financial planners and investment advisors are bound by their fiduciary duty to put clients’ interests ahead of their own. Their services are usually fee-only, which means their advice is not related to commission on product sales. Fee-only advisors typically charge a percentage of investments they manage and/or are compensated in some other way (hourly, retainer, etc), keeping conflicts of interest to a minimum.

Brokers are essentially salespeople. They sell stocks, bonds, and mutual funds on commission. The greater the commission, the greater the incentive to sell.

Gary and Dianne are both fiduciaries.  Under the fiduciary duty, an investment adviser must provide advice and investment recommendations that s/he views as being the best for the client.

Can Marin manage the assets of an existing trust or help me establish a trust account for my family?

We can manage an existing trust. We can also demonstrate the overall investment and estate planning benefits of various trust options, but since we are not attorneys Marin Group cannot draft trust documents. We can, however, work with your attorney to insure the trust is structured to your needs.

Will I receive statements and trade confirmations?

Yes. You receive all statements and confirmations of trades from our preferred custodian firm, Charles Schwab & Company, where your assets are held. In addition, Marin Group will provide you with quarterly reports.

Are my investments held at Marin Group?

No. For your safety and security, all assets are held in your name at Schwab. Any transfer of assets, deposits or withdrawals are handled directly between you and Schwab. We never physically take custody of your assets.

Can I withdraw money from my account at any time?

Yes. All funds are held in your name. You can withdraw and make deposits at any time. We appreciate advance notice of any significant withdrawals so that we can prepare for portfolio rebalancing and minimize the impact to your portfolio.

I have recently changed jobs. Can I roll my old 401(k) into an account with Marin Group?

Yes. Through a Rollover IRA account, Marin Group can manage your retirement funds.

Will I be able to understand my reports from Marin Group?

Yes. We designed our quarterly reports to be easy to read while covering all essential information such as current market value and total return on investment.

How will billing be handled by Marin Group?

Management fees are based on a current valuation of assets and billed in advance on a quarterly basis. Marin’s management fees are deducted directly from your account each quarter and reported on your statement. You will always be updated on fees with no additional paperwork or invoices required.

Do I have to fill out a lot of paperwork to transfer my assets?

No. If any transfers are required or requested, we will prepare the simple transfer form and assist you with document submission. Just provide us with the latest statement from your current account.

How do I open an account?

Call 404-607-8014 or or email invest@maringroup.com and a member of the team will help you get started.